Manage contacts and tasks with Getting Things Done

Wieldy is a nice task manager that’s based on the popular Getting Things Done productivity method. View full description


  • Nicely designed interface
  • Includes contacts manager
  • Very well adapted to the GTD method
  • Support for syncing data


  • The Outlook and Lotus Notes importing tools could be easier to use


Wieldy is a nice task manager that’s based on the popular Getting Things Done productivity method.

Thanks to Wieldy, and if you’ve adopted the GTD method, you’ll be able to manage your tasks and projects in a much more productive way, reducing work overload and stress – as well as the queue of pending tasks.

Wieldy lets you create a list of tasks (or 'thoughts', as they're called here), organizing them in projects and then distributing them according to the GTD principles. These principles are: do it now, schedule it for a specific day, delegate it to someone else, or just postpone it for someday.

The interface in Wieldy is nicely designed and easy to use. A left sidebar shows the structure of all your tasks, while the main area shows the content of the selected category.

Wieldy has other interesting features, such as a contacts manager, support to import data from Outlook and Lotus Notes, and the possibility to sync your data with a local or remote (FTP) server.

Wieldy is the perfect companion for those of you who decide to adopt the GTD method to improve your productivity.


  • Delete contact group
  • The search field should have a button to empty the field
  • Show creation date for an action
  • Display which project an action is asigned to
  • Remove button to free memory
  • Increase width of path in the file settings
  • Improve the overview window
  • Set thought to do today, should also move thought to next actions
  • Simplify the SynchronisationID management (addin SDK)
  • Sub-projects may not be shown
  • Reporting error does not work (Produces error 404)
  • Actions count not updated after sync
  • Creating new tag within action, crashes the application
  • Improve sort actions by tag
  • New project not shown after sync
  • Error while closing the main window when editing an action
  • Opening a reference fails